Aaron Ginn – Show Me the Money! : A Biopsy of Why Healthcare Needs to Change @aaronlginn

The healthcare crisis has the ability to do significant damage to the US, yet most people are not engaged in the conversation. I want people to be engaged and to not believe this is a subject area for “experts”. What am I going to say? I will show how a simple office visit sets off a wave of perverse incentives, unnecessary costs, and backwards practices.


Matthew McGarity | The Art of Caregiving | IgniteDallas 4

by Chris Walters on January 12, 2012



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IgniteDallas 4 Speakers Have Been Selected

June 24, 2011

Tweet We have speakers topics discussing Bullocks, Pornagraphic Spam, Totum Poles, Curses, Human Rights and Adult Cheerleaders. We’ve seen the speakers practice so be prepared to laugh, cry, and learn about these interesting topics. Stay tuned for an email about all the free stuff we plan on giving away thanks to our AWESOME sponsors! Here […]

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IgniteDallas 4 will be Partnering with Big Design Conference July 15th, 2011

May 16, 2011

Tweet We are very excited to announce that Ignite Dallas 4 will be held in conjunction with the Big Design Conference of Dallas. Our fourth installment will not only be held at the elegant Crowne Plaza Hotel but we will also have the room to fit close to 900 attendees. What a great opportunity to […]

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Melody Harstine – Big Dreams, Little Boat – IgniteDallas 3

March 14, 2011

Tweet Melody Harstine – Big Dreams, Little Boat @MelodyHarstine Teamwork and education leads to opportunity. My vision is to develop RowDallas, a high school rowing program for Dallas girls targeting DISD students. The program would teach girls self-confidence and discipline through training and competition in rowing. Additionally, it would offer academic support, tutoring and college […]

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Steve Ennen – Deriving Business Intelligence from Social Media – IgniteDallas 3

March 14, 2011

Tweet Steve Ennen – Deriving Business Intelligence from Social Media. @EnnenSS1 There’s a lot more at work in social media than catching-up with friends on facebook; new channels create multiple, new business opportunities. Steve spent years instructing students and executives at the Wharton School on how to use social media for actionable and profitable ends […]

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Lance Manning – Defining the Entrepreneur – IgniteDallas 3

March 9, 2011

Tweet Lance Manning – Defining the Entrepreneur @LanceKManning The word “entrepreneur” conjures up many meanings. But, what does this term really mean? In my speech at IgniteDallas, I will explore the origins of the word, its definition, and usage. I’ll convey from my own experience what an entrepreneur is and is not. In this day […]

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